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George asks…

How do I raise business funding with no personal guarantee?

I came across this company, Blackstone Acquisitions and Management through a Google search. They have a website ( that says they can raise unsecured business funding in months up to $1,000,000 with no upfront fees. I have a corporation but I’m not familiar with the concept. Is this even possible? Has anyone ever used this company or one like it?

admin answers:

Remember the phrase: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….

Betty asks…

can you register a name of a business and website before you have started it?

I have a great ideal for a business searching grants to fund this but was wondering if I can protect the name of the business and website while I am getting it off the ground?
Really worried my name will be taken. Where would I start the registering process and how much would it cost?

admin answers:

Go to your state business registration site (Google “Your State” business registration) and you’ll most likely end up at a site like this one ( Also go to and do a search for the availability of the web site or domain name and if it is available buy it immediately ($9.99 for the first year and you just keep it on hold until you want to use it)

Good luck.

Donald asks…

I have a cleaning service and need a free website for my business until more funds available?

I am presently using sites for free ads and it’s working but know with my own website I can double my business

admin answers:

If you need help, I have a special going for small businesses like myself. I set your website up for a very reduced one time fee. You can check out my website to see other sites I have done as well as check the legitamacy of my business.

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