Your Questions About Business Funding Sources

Donald asks…

What are the sources of funding a small business?

I need to teach a class of young enterpreneurs about simple practical sources of funds for starting a small scale beef business.

admin answers:

Credit accounts with suppliers
Bank Loan
Bank Overdraft
Personal Loan
Personal equity release such as sale or remortgage of house
Family loan (usually from parents)
Silent partner (provides finance for share in profits)
Government grants linked to providing employment
Delaying payment of creditors bills

Jenny asks…

Where are the best sources to get funding for business start up? Thank you?

I am looking to create my own job but I need funding to do it. All information is appreciated!
Thank you for all the answers so far.

I forgot to mention: I am also seeking alternative methods besides the bank.

My meaning: Are there organizations that help folk from 0. Are there organizations that help folk with no capital? who are they and how can you find them?

More important: how does one make an application?

Thank you again :)

admin answers:

Any reputable lender will require a business plan that shows that you can pay the loan back. Go to or for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans. You will personally have to put up 30% of the funds. No bank is going to assume all of the risk.

Maria asks…

I am a disabled American seeking funding to purchase an existing business. What sources are available to me?

I am not afraid to work the business or “get my feet wet”. I am just having trouble finding “sources for the disabled”. Please assist me in finding them if you are able. I will thoroughly read and study every answer that is sent. Thank you for your valuable time, effort, and energy!

admin answers:

I’m also a disabled American. Contact me and I will share what little knowledge I have.

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