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Robert asks…

Is there funding options for teen business ventures?

I am doing a bit of research for a family member. Being in the fitness field myself, I feel his idea is unique and has loads of potential particularly in my area of interest.

Would anyone happen to know of organizations that offer grants/loans to teenagers with no credit history for venture capital or simply some sort of “project loan/grant”?

Thanks in advanced!

admin answers:

There’s two great ones…

1. Get a job and earn some money.

2. Ask your parents to fund your idea

David asks…

Single mom, looking to start a business, any ideas on funding options?

I am a single mom of 2 young children trying to make a better future for them. I was wondering if anyone knows of any programs that I might be able to take advantage of to get assistance in starting my business. Thanks!

admin answers:

It depends why type of business you would like to open. My undergrad is in marketing and small business plus i am a business owner. First ask yourself how many hours are you willing to work in a week, weekend? Then how much money you have right now as a down payment, then what type of business are you interested in.

Based on this answers then you have different financial options. One is in direct sales like mine (you can contact me at for more information).

If is nothing that includes alcohol and will promote the welfare of an area the city government and the can help you with subsidized loans. You can always opting a commercial loan and credit card.

Another way are partnerships, join the Maryland chamber of commerce talk to your county and state government about women in business meetings and see if they are looking for partners to open a new business.

If you need more information you can contact me or go to

hope the info helps

Donna asks…

What business funding options are availible to people with bad credit?

Hi, I have just finished my high end winter outerwear line, which consist of Men’s outerwear in the price range of $700-$1,250. The line was very expensive to make: pattern makers, fabric, grading, etc. So it took alot of my income that I could use. Since I am having the products made in the US, they will continue to be expensive to make, but it ensures quality. My issue is i fell victim to the college credit card companies my freshman year of college. I paid of my debts, but my credit is still not great. I don’t think a bank will lend me the money to handle orders (which I have quite a few potential ones amongst family and friends) What other options are there for me to get start up money. I was thinking of making people make deposits to cover the cost, since each coat is made to order, but since I am new I don’t think it will work. What options are availible to me to get funding other than the banks. I live in NJ, am in collge and am a minority, i know that can sometimes sometimes add options. Thanks!!

admin answers:

You might try locating investors to help come in and cover some of the overhead.

Now you have set this all up through a dba, LLC, or other corporate structure, right? So that you can deduct your business expenses for the Tax benefits, right?

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