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David asks…

Questioning my security deposit in Chestnut Ridge, NY?

I have lived in a small cottage apartment complex for over 8 years now.
The property here has changed hands a few times and recently I was told that the previous property owners S.W.E Realty skipped out of town and the property is now being managed by TLK Management.
I was told that Express Funding I LLC will honor my $ 1,200 security
deposit now. I have a letter on letterhead from TLK that states this.
The problem is, I can’t seem to find any business listed as Express
Funding I LLC anywhere on the net ? If I intend on leaving here after
taking care of the place for so long now, should I just not pay the last
month and a half security deposit. No contract has been written for
years now…Just an old one from the realty company that skipped out
Anyone who can help here would be much appreciated. I just don’t trust these property owners anymore. Names always seem to change
and no one ever really steps up to the plate here. In addition, the water
pump broke Oct 2nd and the tenants all had to make the repair because the landlord failed to call anyone back.
Thank You

admin answers:

You seem to be worrying about who the legal owner of the bldg
is. Contact the county recorder for that data.
If you have further queries, email me. Will be glad to help

Michael asks…

Who is paying for the most recent trip to Israel by Mayor Bloomberg and police commissioner Ray Kelly?

From the news stories I have read, it was not for official business, but to express solidarity with Israel. So, who is on record as having funded this trip? Bloomberg himself or tax payers?
Bloomberg is a diplomat? I hadn’t heard that he represents the United States of America in an official capacity, only the city of New York.

admin answers:

Good question. Mayor Bloomberg is a billionaire so if the City of NY did not pay, then he could have sold a few shares of Bloomberg to fund the trip.

Donald asks…

College Business Partnership Break Off?

Hi guys. I have a little predicament. Well, as of now it is a hypothetical predicament but nevertheless, a predicament. LOL. I am in college and work closely with a friend. And not just any friend, he was my first friend I ever made in school. We went through 2 years of preschool together. Now, we’re in college both majoring in mechanical engineering just with a slight difference; He specializes in autos (3 year associates degree mechanic) while I decided to get a head start on drafting (2 year certified CAD) & Computer Numeric Controlled Project Model Making. We inspire each other and have our own garage business and we’re making ~5x what our friends make a whole month in a single week.

Sounds perfect right? Exactly. It is perfect and that is where the problem lies.

See, we have a brotherly bond and I know he doesn’t hold back on me when he has an idea. But I cannot say the same. See, I’ve been saving up the money we’ve made in hope of making MY OWN company (companies actually. 3 to be exact) but I haven’t told him. If I tell him straight up:”hey, you can have this company i’ve got something better to work on” he is (just like anyone else in their right mind) would think i am a GREEDY JERK for excluding him.

I really am not…I don’t think… I know we don’t share the same vision…The nature of the companies that I want to establish is purely for profit…I only have a slight interest in their subject manner…but I want to use these profits for philanthropy…a very large amount of it…if the profits were to be split…the amount I could donate and the causes I’d like to fund would only get half of what they could be getting…that is my logic.

I’ve read it over and It seems that it is all confusing: Ultimately this is my question: How does a person, who is actively in a business partnership, express that they would like to go in their own direction because of an agenda that differs from the partner’s while still preserving the extremely close friendship.

Thanks guys!

admin answers:

I would presume that there is no legal partnership, so the law does not become involved.

Perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and have an honest heart to heart with him and tell him what you have said in your penultimate paragraph. He may/will be hurt, but at the end of the day, you have to follow your own vision.

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