Small Business Loans With Bad Credit: Some Answers

George asks…

i have really bad credit and need a small business loan?

i make 50 to 60 thousand a year would still keep my job but would like to open a smALL BUSINESS IN MY HOME TOWNANY WAY I CAN GET THE LOAN WITH BAD CREDIT I NEED 200 THOUSAND

admin answers:

One of the fastest ways to get cash with bad credit, and little hassle, would be with a payday loan. Yes they have terrible interest rates but they are taking a risk. This site offers more details about the payday loans as well as various sites offering the loans, many without even a credit check. Do your homework. Best starting point is here:

Good luck.

Lisa asks…

How can I get a small loan with bad credit?

I need $5k or so to buy a concession trailer to start my own small business. My credit score is bad. How and where could I get a loan?

admin answers:

5K is not much, you could save that up in no time and just buy that sucker out-right.

Steven asks…

I really need a small business loan to finish opening my store, does anyone know where, with bad credit I can?

I have bad credit due to identity theft. I really need about 5,000 dollars to finish my store I am opening. Does anyone know of any loans or lenders that would definitely give me a loan? Please help..I need advice!

admin answers:

Due to todays credit crunch, it is very hard to get a business loan from a bank. I suggest contacting a company called Cash Advance Exchange at 877-865-7744 or visit their website at They provide cash advance loans to business owners who need cash to grow and tou can get a loan much quicker and easier.

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