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William asks…

What is great software that i can use to manage a small business?

Like to pay employes, manage finances, store ideas, stuff like that. I mean I just think it would be more organized
Like to pay employes, manage finances, store ideas, stuff like that. I mean I just think it would be more organized. I am considering using Quick Books.

admin answers:

I think this the best software…

Lisa asks…

Any suggestions for a business and personal software accounts package?

I don’t really like MS Money. Are there any good alternatives out there, either free or buy? I run a small business and would like business and personal finance in one package, would appreciate some advice please. Many thanks

admin answers:

MS Money is not designed to run a business. There are advantages in separating your personal finances and your business – ask your Accountant.

Yes, you will find cheap/free accounting software, but this is the one area that you should invest in, no matter how small your business.

This link is interesting if you are considering accounting software.


Sage Instant Accounts is perfect for the small business. Almost all UK Accountants will recommend Sage products. It will set you back £100 on, but will be money well spent. If you think your business may grow, or you want to keep your Accountant happy, then choose Sage.

Quickbooks Simple Start is £24 on – and is popular and another good path to choose. Just make sure you switch to Sage if things take off.

Mamut have a free product with limited functionality, but a clear upgrade path:

You may find that software is available for your type of business – and this could possibly be more suitable than a generic accounting package. Try a google search for “ software”.

Steven asks…

what is the best software program for a small business to keep track spending, payroll and personal finance?

admin answers:

Best software would either be QuickBooks or PeachTree. I use both since I’m an accountant. They both are very user friendly but I prefer Quickbooks.

If you’re looking for a less expensive software – MS Money is good for just personal finances – I would definately not recommend it for business finances.

I usually use MS Access to write and design my own software – which can be very time consuming and you have to know what you’re doing.

But I would recommend for a small business the use of QuickBooks.

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