Small Business Financing Software: Some Answers

Mandy asks…

What computer software would best help me to manage the finances of my very small business?

I run a private counseling practice, so I don’t have any inventory or employees to manage. I don’t even need to send invoices most of the time. I operate the business as a sole propriator, and I include the business income on my personal tax returns. I just need to keep track of my income and expenses and plan my taxes. What software would be best for this? The software also needs to be affordable.

I have thought to use Quickbooks, or maybe Quicken since my business is very simple. But if I chose Quicken, which version would be best? Or would another program be better?

admin answers:

Sounds like Quickbooks, the smallest version they have. I use Quickbooks online, but it is because I’m a consultant that is always at my client’s place of business. I can send invoices, run credit cards, access my client data anywhere there is an internet connection.

Donna asks…

what’s the best accounting software for small business?

I’m looking for best accounting software for a small business (4 employes) to do invoices, to manage day-to-day finances to VAT returns and year end accounts. What’s the best, sost-effective solution? Is it Sage 50?


admin answers:

Have to agree with Jan.

I have used many accountancy packages, Accpac, Pegasus, Quick-books, Tas, TTwin, Sage Line 50

Sage Line 50 (Now line 100) is pretty good.

Ken asks…

What software should I use to manage the employees and finances of a small business?

I’ve heard to Micro$oft Dynamics, but I’ve heard it is pricey, and has quite a learning curve.

It needs to be able to manage 11 employees, their hours, expenses, and the usual stuff.

If you have any ideas, free, or otherwise, I’d greatly appreciate it.

admin answers:

Quickbooks, of course. I’ve used it for 10 years to manage my business. Right now we use a payroll company, but I used to run payroll for over 40 employees off of it every week too.

Don’t know what type of business you have, but they do have different editions and they are reasonably priced for small business.


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