Small Business Financing Software: Some Answers

Lisa asks…

Free small business software?

i would like a free software that allows me to track finances, schedule appointments, and have a contact list. Does something like this exist for free or would i have to purchase one?

admin answers:

If you have MS Office, Outlook will do the last two. You can track finances in Excel or MS Works or (free download).

George asks…

help! I’m starting a small business that is software-based. What is my best option to capital?

So as my question states, I am starting a small business that is software based. This means that it will take some time to develop before I start to see any type of return. I’ve been contemplating the different options for financing but I’m not sure which would be my best route to take. What do you suggest?

Angel Investors – A possible choice, but I have no idea what they would want in return for their investment… how much percent on return and how much company ownership or shares would they ask for?
Venture Capitalist – Same questions as Angel Investors apply.
Bank Loan – Is this even a possibility knowing that I need time to develop the software and that I wont have collateral for the loan?

admin answers:

A small business loan is one of the most treasured commodities in the business world. It is still very hard to get despite the claims and promises of banks, credit unions and other lending institutions that they want to help American small business to survive and grow. In fact it sometimes seems that banks and other lenders want to see small businesses fail and only support those that survive the battle for customers, revenues, and finances during their first two years.

Sandy asks…

What software should I get for my small business?

I plan on purchasing Quickbooks for my accounting purposes, since i’ve learned that this is the #1 accounting software for small businesses in the USA. But what other software would you recommend?
I see a number of businesses use Quicken, but is it necessary? Does it help with organizing finances? If I had Quickbooks, would Quicken just be an added benefit? I’m a sole-proprietor and a massage therapist, so I would be classified as a small service business. I don’t have any inventory I’m selling or anything other than my services as a therapist.
And when it comes to taxes, I usually rely on H&R Block, but is Turbotax any good in comparison?
Thank you!

admin answers:

As i can see, you might not need Quickbooks as urgent, or would do any much influence on your business.. Yet it would help in organizing only and give you feedback on certain sales volumes, database, etc….
If you work as you said and not intending to grow much.. I don’t think quickbox will add any value.. Yet Quicken might be of value for same purpose as well..

Good luck and have a great day .

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