Small Business Financing Program: Some Answers

Ken asks…

I would like to find out about financing for small business?

I have an small business, all the way along I have paid cash for all of my equipment. I would like to expand and I’m not sure where to start. Are there programs available??

admin answers:

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Helen asks…

Under the Small Business Tax Assistance Program is it true that a small business does not pay income tax?

Info here:

I need some clarification. A friend of mine owns a small internet cafe with annual sales of less than $100,000. He thinks that this means he does not have to pay income tax. Can someone tell me if this is true or why it is not?


admin answers:

I tend to think this should offer some explanation. “This program is designed to help small businesses complete their annual business tax renewal forms..”

If a small business did not need to pay income tax why would they need assisstance completing their tax renewal forms?

Your friend should contact the agency before he decides not to file and/or pay taxes. He also needs to be aware that he will still need to pay Federal taxes as well as State taxes.

Mandy asks…

Under the stimulus program, are there Gov grants available to start a small business, say $100,000 TO $200,000?

I have heard that the Government does not give grant money to start businesses. If this is the case, could the government give states money to finance business start-ups in their state. Of course there would have to be some oversight.

admin answers:

There are a fwe, for specific purposes.


3. Under Search by Eligibility: choose Individuals

There are 17 available grants.

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