Small Business Financing Options

Carol asks…

low on cash and need help financing a business?

I have bad credit an cannot get financing for my small business, only need 2k, family cant help and friends are broke, are there other options available

admin answers:

Accounts receivable financing requires no credit on your part.

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Ruth asks…

Where can i get financing for a new small business?

Im in the process of starting a new business on my own and i need to get financing for some equipment (mainly, a medium duty truck and some power equipment). I have explored the options of business and personal loans and don’t know what route i should go. My personal credit is not the greatest, due to decisions when i was younger, but ive made all payments on time for the past 2 years, and at my current job, i make decent money, plenty to pay the loans i need, i just cant seem to find anyone willing to finance anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

You should also have a Business Plan if you’re going to ask for a loan. Do a search for the article, “Is a Business Plan Worth It? You Bet!” for tips and download the eBook for a sample plan and template.

Donna asks…

What can I do with a surplus of cash in my small business?

I have money in my small business‘ checking account. Can I invest it? What are the options and legalities of investing and earning interest for a business?

I’ve only owned my business for 7 months, and do not have an educational background in business or finance, so sorry if my question sounds dumb.

admin answers:

As long as you are the sole proprietor of the business, there are no legal issues related to how you spend the surplus, but there are some tax ramifications.

I don’t know what kind of business you operate, but you might want to invest in inventory or supplies that you can buy now at discount prices, create an advertising fund that you can later use for special promotional purposes, or buy or upgrade needed equipment. Finally, you might want to treat yourself to a “business seminar” in the Bahamas or Hawaii (wink, wink). All of these are tax deductible as business expenses.

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