Small Business Financing Options: Some Answers

Paul asks…

Small business financing?

Hello, I am a small business that is seeking investors for an upcoming product. My market is mainly musicians (speaker cabinets and effects). I am trying to figure some things out with writing proposals or even finding potential investors. I have been in business for 3+ years but up until now finances have been fairly steady. I am doing a large convention for the music industry in January and anticipate getting a lot of orders. I need to find some resources for financing.

One options is a bank but my personal credit is going to be addressed and I would rather not go down that path to protect my business and my personal credit. Does anyone have any realistic resources for investors or financing for a business like mine? I have a solid website and a nice collection of products that I have built up over the past three years. Thanks!
I do have a tax ID number as well.

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Laura asks…

Financing my small business?

What is the best option or ways to finance my small business. This is my first business and needed some capital.

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Choose for a business credit card or a business loan. Contact local banks in your area or you can apply online. Just find an issuer and choose the benefits that suits your small business.

Maria asks…

rent assistance Help needed urgently to small business man?

Can someone help me out as i am in dire straits with finances.
Being a new small business there is no financial help from banks etc for the first 2 years and cash flow is minimal.
Is anyone able to inject me some finance options or perhaps direct me to a business partner. My business is in a niche market but urgently needs some contribution from outside and in return i can pay my rent arrears.
This is not a hoax but more like a opportunity for some one to help out a genuine cause.

admin answers:

See if you are entitled to a business grant

Australian government programs and grants for Australian businesses.


Also try Centrelink –

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