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Betty asks…

i want to know the mail i received is fake,false or genuine?

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From: “PHILIP EASTWOOD” View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 05:12:25 -0500
511 Garretts Green Las,
Birmingham, West Midlands,
B18 6DA, England .

Ms.Sanagala Lakshmi Haritha,

I wish to announce it to you that your verification information has proof you as the rightful own of the winning parcel, for your own information’s the management of LHB EXPRESS DELIVIVERY I here advice you to confirm your winning certificate of MICROSOFT AWARD TEAM before your winning parcel can be deliver to you in your country, also there is a changes which you have to pay for the delivery of your winning parcel and also before the agent who will be deliver your winning parcel to you in your country, your airway bill will be send to you.

Please we will be waiting for your urgent response to know when do you want us to deliver your winning parcel before sending the airway bill also waiting for the winning certificate.


Dr.Frank overbeek

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admin answers:

Hi i also get the same mail they r giving me sum money which i won through microsoft award team. Did u also get the same one if yes thn contect me on my ph. My no. Is 9911583897 please i want to disscuss wid u so please contect me soon thank you

Mark asks…

Is this how US banks thwart competition in service of big business, and create monopolies?

I’ve just always wondered about the specific methodology…

admin answers:

Yup along with this

The biggest bank heist in the History of man.
In the end 406 billion was bought for 1.9 billion.
Wouldn’t you be happy to buy as many hundred dollar bills as you want for .5 cents on the dollar? That is like buying $100 for less than a penny.
I bet the government would have found plenty of investors to snatch up that deal.

Mandy asks…

How do I break into the finance industry?

I’d like to land a job as an analyst. I will graduate next spring from the University of Illinois with a major in Econ and a minor in business. I know that joining business oriented organizations are key but I feel that I do not have as much business/finance oriented material to put on my resume as a lot of my friends do. I am extremely interested in macroeconomics and financial markets and follow financial news religiously (read wall street journal everyday). Also another downside is that, unlike some of my friends who have majored in accounting and/or finance, I was not able to land an internship this summer. Although I have never been without a job throughout my entire college career, the jobs I did have had nothing to do with finance (i was an office assistant and a lab assistant/researcher back when i was a bio major).

One good thing I have going for my resume is that I will be one of the head coordinators for a small finance/investment club that we have in my fraternity. That will at least give me something to talk about during an interview (if I can land one first).

Also, I will most likely graduate with around a 3.3 gpa and will be willing to relocate to any major city in the US.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!

admin answers:

If you are looking to be a analyst there are lots of choices. Here are a few of the major ones that sounds like they would be a good fit for you:

Financial Analyst
Business Analyst (BA)
Pricing Analyst

The company I recruit for hires BA and their background can be anything from computer science to finance. The analyst skill set is transferable to any type of analyst. We mostly look for individuals who are detail oriented, who have strong analytical skills, can solve complex problems, and have strong interpersonal skills. Analysts need to be able to explain their analysis to others.

I’ve written a couple of blog posts about what we look for in BA’s (which applies to all analysts).
If you would like to look at my blog talking about skills set it’s here:
and I have interview tips here:

If you want to break into the finance industry, as an analyst, I would suggest a business analyst in a financial field. Since you were an econ & business major/minor this would be the best area to go into because you would use your full skill set.

Business Analysts/ Financial analysts work for every major company in every industry. From the standard banking and 401k companies like Wells Fargo, Bank of America to Met Life. To high tech company such as Dell, AMD and National Instruments. Even retail companies like Polo and Macy’s have analysts. You could probably even find a government position as a analyst too.

Most of these companies hire right out of school, i.e ____ Analyst 1. Based on your education you should meet that qualifications. However, you should know most financial analysts spend the majority of their time compiling numbers into spreadsheets for financial reports. Business Analysts have a lot more freedom to work, and in many different areas of a company and on a project or projects.

A good friend of mine who was an econ major became a pricing analyst. This position is used by a lot of major companies and as the name suggests they analyze pricing models to determine the best price of goods or services based on supply and demand.

I hope this helps! Best of luck.

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