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Robert asks…

What do you think about the controversil Govt plan to allow global giants like Wal-Mart to directly invest..?

in the supermarket sector, a move many economists say will help tackle inflation and waste, but will hurt small retailers?

Already we see the Corporates starting big Retail shops in towns and cities to the detriment of the massive small business families in retail trade, whose livelihood is threatened already? If the MNCs are allowed to compete with the small business families the latter would be greatly challenged and the economic disparity already wide in the country would escalate to dangerous dimension!

What are your thoughts about the Reforms agenda totally ignoring the risks of micro economy at Ground level and giving a big fillip to the corporates?
Patrick, I understand your point in your context. Having been brought up in the free economy ambiance, with quality and cost competing to draw consumers, you would have to speak like this only. But if you can try to go beyond the literal to special question of our need to share the goodies of economy with all, particularly the predominant small investors in business and industry, that marks a developing economy like ours, then and then only you may be able to see the merit of encouraging the other side – beyond the needs fattening the riches of corporate! I think you noted that this Q is from Yahoo India.

When decades ago, Mr Khrushchev of USSR visited India, he was gifted by the Govt of Mysore (Karnataka, South India) presented him among other things, the sandal soap for which the state was famous! The Premier while appreciating the excellent enduring fragrance of the product declined an offer to allow export of the soap to USSR saying “our industry would lose” if the better quality

came in! So it is not always the best that we want but the optimal one that would not hurt our fraternity in small trade! You may call this more leftist / socialist outlook, but well we did have our stint with democratic socialism! But more than ideological thing we appreciate the interest to protect our large section of small business, who could not compete with the big trade.

We are not in a position right now to think in the lines of an advanced country, where the average standard of life is far ahead of the level in a developing ambiance! Thank you anyway for sharing your point!

admin answers:

The govt and its allies are purchased by these giants hence even if cry this move is going to happen…..if we want to oppose it come let us demonstrate on the streets.

Mandy asks…

All websites are looking like this,is it a network or laptop problem…?

this is an example of what I am getting…I might get small pictures or boxes with an x in where the photo should be, but mostly it is lines of script…

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My grandson has been using laptop and I don’t know if he has changed something…if you have a solution can you explain it simply as I am a computer idiot…thanx

admin answers:

Restore to last know working configuration should help you

Laura asks…

Why are liberals ignorant?

Knowledgeable News Audiences

News audiences vary widely in age, education, and how much they know about what’s going on in the nation and the world. Most regular consumers of news are better informed, better educated, and older than the average American. But the audiences for some news sources stand out in this respect.

Judged by their answers to news knowledge questions, the most informed audiences belong to the political magazines, Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, the O’Reilly Factor, news magazines, and online news sources.

Audiences with the highest educational achievement, by far, are the literary magazines and online news outlets. Readers of news magazines, political magazines and business magazines, listeners of Rush Limbaugh and NPR,

Some of these attentive and educated audiences also are older than average. The oldest audiences belong to the NewsHour (60% age 50 or older), the O’Reilly Factor (58%), Larry King Live (56%), network nightly news (54%), and Sunday morning talk shows (52%). The youngest audience ¬ though also one of the most knowledgeable ¬ belongs to the Daily Show, where just 23% are age 50 or older and 33% are under age 30.

After growing modestly between 2000 and 2004, the attentive audience for political, international, and business news ¬ commonly referred to as “hard news” ¬ is somewhat smaller in 2006. Currently, 27% of the public follows each of four kinds of stories, including news about political figures and events in Washington, international affairs, business and finance, and local government. Two years ago, this hard news audience accounted for 31% of the public. The decline was greater among Republicans (now 29%, down from 38% in 2004) than among other groups. Republicans and Democrats (28%) now exhibit similar enthusiasm for hard news.

The hard news audience is better educated and older than the average, though even among people with four year college degrees, fewer than a majority (39%) fall into this category. More men than women (32% vs. 22%) are hard news enthusiasts. There is no significant racial difference on this measure.

admin answers:

“Judged by their answers to news knowledge questions, the most informed audiences belong to the political magazines, Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, the O’Reilly Factor, news magazines, and online news sources.”….this was not in the article, so you did not prove that these people are more educated, trying to hide your opinion/slant between facts does not make it truth…a habit you most assuredly learned from the “intelligent” news outlets you obviously frequent.

I, however, avoid those as obvious bias mixed with news makes me nauseous.

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