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Nancy asks…

How to make a Sbarro’s Pizza? What’s the recipe?

i absolutely love pizza. my boyfriend and i will go to any pizza place we can think of to try new pizza‘s and we both think that Sbarro‘s is the absolute best pizza we’ve ever had. the only problem is the closest Sbarro‘s is at a mall about a half hour away. so i want to make pizza like the way they make Sbarro‘s regular cheese pizza.

Does anybody know the exact (or as close to) recipe to recreate a Sbarro‘s pizza? I’d like to know what kind of Cheese, crust, and sauce, and any ingredients that they use to make the pizza if it is completely homemade. please and thank you =)

admin answers:

The whole point of take out pizza is that it’s not something you can make at home. Seriously, the recipe is patented and noone outside the company would have it.

Richard asks…

What experiences have you had working for Sbarro’s Pizza?

admin answers:

I’ve never worked there but my dad used to work in one at a mall he said it was ok but it got pretty crazy especially when it got busy. My dad has at least 20 yrs.of experience in the pizza business. So my dad was the best pizza man at the place he was working at he was making at least $13 hr more than the other people working there, his manager was nice but my dad quit after working there for 6 months.

Ken asks…

how much is a slice of plain pizza at sbarro?

admin answers:

A Fin.

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