Sbarro Pizza: Some Answers

Chris asks…

Poll: Pizza Hut or Dominoes Pizza or Sbarro Pizza?

admin answers:

Sbarro Pizza

Linda asks…

Does anyone have a Sbarro Pizza….?

Menu with the prices? I’m taking my son and his friends there for a pizza party. I don’t see the prices on their website and it’s been years since I’ve ate there.
LOL….Actually there’s one on the turnpike where I live and the only shop that makes the NY style pizza. All the other pizza places are pretty bad.

admin answers:

You’re better off going to Chuck E. Cheese. That way they can eat pizza and play lots of games and have a lot of fun. You could also try an indoor amusement park (most serve pizza) or a dine-in Pizza Hut since I believe they do parties. Look at local pizza places also. As has been said, Sbarro is a mall and airport chain and I don’t believe they have any stand-alone stores.

David asks…

Is Sbarro pizza good?

admin answers:

No, it is too greasy. There are many other places with better pizza.

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