Sbarro Pizza: Some Answers

Susan asks…

How much isz pizza at Sbarro’s?

Me and mi frewnd are going to the mall and we were thinking of sharing a pizza,becusz we want to be EXTREMLY cheap!!
Lol we live in Jacksonville,Florida btw and we are going to the Avenuesz Mall

God blesz

P.S if yu have any other ideasz let usz know

admin answers:

I would say share a tray of chinese food

i think sbarros is like 2-3 dollars per slice? Something i wouldnt buy

Daniel asks…

how many calories are in 2 slices of sbarro’s pizza?

not helpful, first guy who answered – not helpful at all

admin answers:

It depends on what toppings…460 each if plain (the new york style plain ones)…. Here for the others –

Michael asks…

Poll: for dinner what would you prefer today go to Sbarro Pizza or Mc Donald’s?

admin answers:

The former, anything is healthier than mcdonalds

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