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Richard asks…

Specifically, how does the SBA assist small businesses in the area of insurance?

Can anyone put it in lam-ens terms? I cannot makes heads or tales of the SBA website.

admin answers:

As far as I know, they just give you the telephone number to an insurance agent, who will try to get you quotes.

You don’t get any “special deals” by using their agent.

Mary asks…

When denied by FEMA & SBA how do we get help to rebuild our lives after Hurricane Ike?

We were denied assistance from FEMA because we failed to comply with mandatory flood insurance and couldn’t qualify for a SBA loan,we lost everything in our home and the home itself suffered substantial damage, we cannot afford the repairs or replacement , I just need to get some information on who to ask for assistance. I am disabled and this is taking its toll mentally and physically. I’ve never been in this situation before and don’t know where to begin,Please help.

admin answers:

Sorry for your luck, but if you did not have flood insurance or other proper insurance than you have to pay for all repairs out of your own pocket.

David asks…

What specific steps are required to obtain a loan/grant threw the SBA (small buissiness administration) ?

Id like to see directions that a regular person can understand detailing the specific steps to obtain a loan and/or grant from the SBA.

admin answers:

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