Loans For Small Businesses Uk: Some Answers

Donald asks…

am I eligible for a small business loan?

Hello, I am looking to get a small business loan I’ve been saving moey for the last year and half I saved 10 thousands but I need another 10 to start my business I want to open a Mediterranean coffeehouse/mini restaurant kinda thing with like Turkish coffee and and Mediterranean breakfast and maybe develop afterwards to a full service restaurant I have a good credit score and a very good and detailed business plan even the grand opening..everything in details, I am from that area as well and have experience in the food industry ad have a degree in business management from the UK the only thing Im worried about is my age Im 22 yo would that effect my eligibility?? but if that helps the guy who will help me to start up the business is in his 50s so would that help? Thanx

admin answers:

I just wanted to tell you that the idea is really good! If it was in like a trendy area it could really do well :)

Lizzie asks…

Small Business Rates-HSBC?

What is the interest rate on a small business loan of £25,000 in the UK? I’ve looked and I can’t find it. It’s the only bank where I can’t find the rate!
It’s for my Business Studies h/wk.

admin answers:

It really depends upon the creditworthiness of the borrower and the purpose of the loan. I suggest calling a local branch and ask for an “indication” of rates

Ruth asks…

whats the best start up business loan to get?

Im in the UK. We are looking at small businesses like sandwich delivery or small deli. we have no capital and would be looking for a loan for up to £60K. anyone had any experience in doing this or any hints and tips-all welcome, thanks!
we do not own our own house and have nothing to secure a loan with

admin answers:

Small business loan are a great financial help for small business owners. Without monetary support, a business, whether it is big or small, can not be run smoothly. With a small business loan, financing in small business is always possible. Can a borrower with bad credit score apply for a small business loan? Yes, they can. With thevarious purposes with a bad credit small business loan. With this loan, they can start a new business, they can expand their present business, they can purchase some necessary equipment, they can buy a new office premises, and they can repair their present office. Even more, they can use a bad credit small business loan as business capital as well.

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