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David asks…

Please help me………………….?

1Demand for a product is likely to be price-inelastic:
Athe smaller the number of substitutes.
Bthe smaller the number of complements.
Cthe higher the price.
Dthe grater the fraction of income spent on it.

2If a raise in price from £1 to £1.10 caused supply to extend by 27%, price elasticity of supply would equal:

3A trade union may try to rise the wages of its members by all of the followings except:
AIncreasing their productivity.
BThreatening strike actions.
CIncreasing the supply of labour.
DAccepting revised working practices.

4These can be issued by a public company
Aordinary shares.
Bloans stocks.
Cbank loans.

5These shares have special rights concerning the distribution of dividends
ALoans stocks.
BOrdinary shares.
CPreference shares.
DCommon stocks.

6The stock market is a market for:
ANew issues of shares.
BStocks of goods and services.
CFinancial products.
DNew and second-hand shares.

7Which of the following is a function of the Central Bank
AMaking personal loans.
BMaking mortgages.
CSupervising the banking system.
DProviding low-cost loans

8Which of these types of banks in a modern economy specialized in helping large business organization to fund their operations and expansion, helping them to issue and sell stocks and shares on the stock market.
ASaving Banks.
BCredit Unions.
CInvestment Banks.
DIslamic Banks.

9Which of these types of accounts is a safe place to store your savings and to earn interests.
Acurrent account.
Bsavings account.
Cchecking account.
Ddeposit account.

10A ………………, is repaid with interest over a fixed period, it is a short-term loan, up to 5 years
A…commercial loan…
B…personal loan…

11A shareholder is
A any person or organization that is a part owner of a corporation’s stock
B any person or organization that is a part owner of a limited private company.
C any person or organization that owns a stock exchange.
D any person or organization that owns treasury bonds.

12The management tier of the union trade with executive members elected by unions members to run the union nationally is a
BDistrict committee.
CShop stewards.
DNational Executive.

13Which one of these is NOT a function of Trade Unions?
ASecuring improvements in member’s working conditions.
BEncouraging firms to increase worker participation in business decision-making.
CPromoting the distribution of dividends.
Dimproving member pay and other benefits.

14Which of these types of Trade Union best describe the National Union of Mineworkers in South Africa (NUM)?
AGeneral Union.
BIndustrial Union.
CCrafts Union.
DProfessional associations.

15Which of the following is NOT a function of a commercial bank
AMaking personal loans.
BProviding financial advise.
CProviding methods of payment.
DIssuing notes and coins.

If you answer all correctly I will ask another q, and choose you as best answer for nothing
so you get 20 points.

admin answers:

This is YOUR homework not OURS – read the book and try to figure out the answers!

Mandy asks…

Why the different fears about guns?

In France, Finland and quite a few European countries, you can walk into a store and buy a silencer for your gun. It is considered polite to your neighbors, and considerate, because you don’t want to bother them. In America, it is considered a sign of a desire to commit crimes.

In America, the most feared weapon that people wish to control are hanguns. In Italy, the most feared weapon is a high powered rifle. It’s very hard to get a police permit for something like a .30-06 bolt action rifle.

In South Africa, the gun the government would most like to ban is the .22 caliber rifle. It is generally considered to be used by poachers and cattle rustlers.

In Iraq, every man can keep an AK-47 for home protection. But you cannot have a handgun.

In Israel, it is preferred that every household have an Uzi or M-1 Carbine or M16 rifle. But the ownership of handguns is strictly and the only people who have a “right” to own a handgun are current and former military and police officers. Every one else needs to justify ownership. (“Loan” handguns are freely available for people traveling to areas outside of Israeli control.)

In Canada, pump action shotguns are OK. Automatics are bad. In Australia, pump action shotguns are bad. In New Zealand, a double barrelled shotgun with exposed hammers is considered dangerous and is illegal.

In Italy, they don’t want you to have a large handgun. Anything over .380 is forbidden. In Australia, and Canada, they don’t want you to have a small handgun. All handguns must have a barrel over four inches long.

In Brazil, the only rifle you can own is in .44-40.

In America, a psychotic was able to kill a dozen soldiers because American soldiers don’t carry weapons on stateside bases. In Northern Ireland, a member of the Royal Irish Regiment is issued a Compact Walther 9mm handgun for protection to take home.

In Switzerland, it is common to see members of the Army Reserve in civilian clothes shopping and going about their business with the Swiss Assault rifle slung over their shoulder. But because 300 Swiss a year commit suicide with their rifles, the Swiss no longer issue cans of ammunition to take home. But you are permitted to buy your own ammunition.

Only former OFFICERS in the Military are automatically permitted to own handguns in Israel. “Loan” handguns for traveling into Palestinian areas are easy to obtain, but an actual handgun permit of ownerships requires a lot of red tape.
Poison Arrow Frog

If you think America is the Great Satan, and then you join the American Military, I think there is a case to be made that some mental health issues were involved.

admin answers:

I think it is just an oddity of life, and you could take almost any subject and you would have a differing viewpoint world wide. Governments are different, religions are different, cultures are different, accepted behaviour is different, outlook on drug use is different, life styles is different, approach to health care is different,

I guess what I am trying to say is that people have differing viewpoints about many things, not just guns. If you are a religious person, perhaps you can go back to the tower of Babel and get your answer.

Mark asks…

If you know any of these, please help?

23. What was the biggest official or unofficial result of the War of 1812?

a. The British signed a treaty that promised to end impressment.
b. A large sense of national pride developed.
c. The United States acquired a small part of Canada.
d. The Federalists became the dominant party once more.

24. Why was the War of 1812 so strange?

a. The U.S. won so many battles but gained so little land.
b. Americans fought so poorly but felt so good at the end.
c. The biggest victory for the United States came before the war even started.
d. The nation fought for defensive reasons but came out with so many territorial gains.

25. Which of these events did not help cause Tecumseh’s antagonism toward the United States?

a. the death of his father
b. his negotiations with Harrison
c. his early relationship with the Galloways
d. the Battle of Tippecanoe

26. What was Tecumseh’s main challenge?

a. reforming his brother
b. getting the Indians to act together
c. finding American allies
d. recapturing New York for the Iroquois

27. Which of these did not help America’s prosperity right after the War of 1812?

a. John Marshall’s Supreme Court opinions
b. the Tariff of 1816
c. the Second Bank of the United States
d. the “American Plan”

28. Which of these is most accurate, according to the principles of the Monroe Doctrine?

a. The United States should never have put a man on the moon.
b. Germany should not try to take over Mexico.
c. United States businesses should stay out of South America.
d. European nations should remove their armies from Africa.

29. If you are a banker, the thing that is most profitable to you is to

a. accumulate as much gold and silver as you can in your vaults
b. call in your loans as soon as you can
c. lend as much money as you safely can
d. convince as many people as possible to deposit money in your bank

30. Which of these is most true of the Compromise of 1820?

a. The issue of slavery was laid to rest for good in this country.
b. When North Dakota was ready to become a state, it would be a free state.
c. Missouri had the option of becoming a free or slave state.
d. California would be open to slavery when it became a state.

admin answers:

23. B
24. A
25. C
26. B
27. D
28. D
29. D
30. B

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