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Ken asks…

due to global melt down,is there any possibility that indian bank relax the terms and rate of intrest for SME?

Small and midium business sectors in India are faceing problems since public sector banks terms for funding is not flexible.Under the present circustanses whether govnt.will relex the terms and rate of intrest on lending to boost business sector as they are trying to do with housing loan and vehical loans.

admin answers:

It was expected to lower the rates as the effect is not bad on our banking sector government may pressurize the bank to lower the interest rate.

Mandy asks…

I am from India. Person from India Please read it….Help me Please?

Hello friend I am from India Kanpur (U.P.)
I am from middle class family and now a days my financial condition is bad. I am 23 years old and have done Math in 207 .
After that i prepared for MBA entrance . I was selected but due to too much money problem and was not getting loan I left my plan to do MBA. And i started preparing for bank exams.
I have also made my blog for bank exam

My parents are forcing me to do job and i am getting job of only 3000 per month.
If i will do job than i will not be able to do preparation for bank and other government jobs. bcoz timing will be from 10Am to 7 Pm

Please suggest me some small business or work so that i can earn some money alongwith doing preparation.

I got only single tution of 500rupees per moth.

Please suggest me some ways.
I have deposited ten thousand rupee.
Can it be possible to start any work or to invest it in right place so that i can earn some money to carry on my studies.
Due to too much tension etc. I am also getting addicted of internet and my blog.

I dont have any friend near my home as its locality is bad.

I am loosing my hope to live

Mail me at

admin answers:

Don’t loose your hope self confidance is a must for success and what is the purpose of working only to get afer the weekend or month is it not a hope so first you believe yourself you can do it you can face and you can certainly get it
for a determined man time can not be a hurdle at all for bank exam you can prepare even after nine p.m and 4 p.m you must have a strong mind that is all
if you shine in your 3000 job you can get better chances but you should grab the opportunities

Richard asks…

Wanna know everything about taking up a franchise.?

Hello everyone, I am from India, Kerala.
To start, I dont want to work under someone and earn money like a slave. I am almost fed up with the idea that you need to shut yourself out from the world just to earn money. I deserve better I know. Im so sick of my seniors telling me what to do. I got the idea from one of my friend casually saying, why cant you take up small business.
Well, I gave it a thought. But I know the risk of taking up a business and success is not very much guaranteed. Then I thought of taking up a franchise. I guess it’s a better way to start a business; to sell the products of an established brand.
Well, I am yet to decide what company I am going to choose. Before that I want to know all that is needed to take up a franchise. I mean the step by step process, from anyone who had or have the experience of the process of taking up any brand’s franchise.
I have heard that government supports those who wants to start business. like providing loans etc Has anyone gone that way? If so can you help me? Can you detail the whole process, which could be a big help cz I am completely ignorant in this field, and of course I am a newcomer. I feel pretty nervous as a starter. But I have the will. All I need is proper guiding. I hope I will find it here.
I also would lik to know how I am going to reach a company to ask them about giving out a franchise.
Thank you for your time. I hope I’ll get answers asap… cz time is running out. time is money.

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