Loans For Small Business In India: Some Answers

Mary asks…

Question about small business abroad.?

Hey guys, heres my Q.

I am currently a college student and I have ambitions of opening up a small restaurant or travel hostel abroad maybe in Spain or France. I have horrendous credit in this country but I can get up to 100k in school loans still cause I have a co-signer.

I am wondering how much capital I would generally need to open up a small business…Also does anyone have any great ideas or suggestions as to which country is good for small business, I was thinking maybe India or China because of their booming economies…I would love also to work somewhere in Mediterranean Europe..I speak Spanish, French and a little Italian besides English by the way, juts thought it might help to choose a country.

By the way, the kind of restaurant I would want to open would be a Lebanese restaurant, so if anyone knows where this kind of food is popular (outside the middle east of course) then I would really appreciate it to know..Thanks everyone :)
By the way, I was wondering if Australia is a good option…how easy is it to move to Australia, become a citizen and open up a small business?

admin answers:

China, specially in Guangzhou and Shanghai, is a good place for opening a restaurant. But I will suggest you to find the right financial support before you enter into this market. The market will be much competitive and you shall have a long business plan to overcome the begining obstacles. For any assistance, my

Nancy asks…

where to get loan other than Banks?

Where can I get a loan to do a small business in India, from other than the Banks? Since this project will fetch income only after 2 years, till then I won’t be able to pay interest to the Bank, hence I am looking for other sources?

admin answers:

You could talk to my friend Vinny, he parks his van in the back alley between main and 1st street.

Mandy asks…

How would you fix this economy?

Here are my ideas. What are yours?

1) Small scale lending must be nationalized. The “free market” has little interest in lending to individuals and small businesses. The “free market” will always avoid the risk of small loans. It isn’t something that will get better with affluence or wealth. Thus, all of the historic government programs designed to facilitate lending to small borrowers must be nationalized or firmly regulated like a monopoly. The historic separation of risk and reward, the co-signing or guaranteeing of loans that has been done by Freddy mac, fanny May, FHA and others, needs to be scrapped for a government department dedicated to small capitalization lending, or heavily regulate it. Most mortgages and small business loans will fall into this category, say anything under a million dollars. Here is an easy way to think of it: We all understand that utilities have monopoly power and must be regulated. Think of residential lending in the same way. The free market will not willingly fulfill this function. The current system of private funding and government guarantee is a separation of function that simply does not work. Do you find this idea somewhat socialist? Then is the regulation of your utility company also socialist?

2) the aspects of derivative trading legalized by the “Financial reform act of 2001″ needs to be repealed, permanently, or revised to have the same underwriting and capitalization requirements as the insurance industry. If an insurance business insures beyond their means, then they are consequently held criminally liable. Derivative trades must be held to the same standard. Is this too harsh? Too conservative? Then why do we hold the insurance industry to this standard, and not the investment houses?

3) Outsourcing needs to be taxed to attempt to slow or stop the capital that the the United States bleeds to India, Mexico and China. The amount those countries have grown from our outsourcing, the economic power they’ve used to bid up the global price of oil, is an accurate measure of the economic power the United States has lost, to outsourcing. Those revenues should be used to help fund higher education (state university systems). Let’s build an affluent populous. Are you thinking Smoot Halley? India really likes it that you think that way.

4) the federal government must make provisions to develop energy sources other than foreign oil, primarily wind and nuclear energy. The raping of our coast lines and oceans for oil should be legislated permanently illegal. Notice how the call for drilling has stopped? The destruction of our oceans and coast lines shouldn’t be subject to the daily price of oil.

5) disclosure of the terms of adjustable rate mortgages must be required to be in a large font size, in plain English, like effective interest rates are required to be displayed currently on all conventional mortgages. The length and nature of the “teaser” period of ARMs must be legislated to be clear and comprehensive to someone with a sixth grade education.

admin answers:

Tell each billionaire to give up 1 billion dollars to the US government

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