Loans For Small Business In India: Some Answers

Mark asks…

I like start a vegetables and fruits cutting and packing business. Please help.?

I like activate a small business in vegetables and fruits(cutting, pealing and packaging) in Tamil Nadu in India. I like to know where can I generate funds, procedure for getting bank loan, certifications required etc. I also like to know the technical details. Thank you for your suggestions.

admin answers:

Go to your local bank and inquire as to what information they need

While this mostly refers to U.S banks, I think it is also what Indian banks look for before giving you a loan. What banks want to see are:

- demonstrated ability of the business to generate revenues — businesses that are already operating and have at least 2 years’ worth of financial statements that demonstrate strong profitability. Business ideas are just ideas; not proven to generate profits

- ability to repay the loan through collaterals and assets

- solid management team: they want to know that the business will be run by someone who knows what they are doing

- excellent credit history

- your investment in the business: they want to see that you believe in your business enough to put down your own money into the business

If you have the above, then prepare a business plan. No powerpoints please, they won’t give you the time for a demo. You need a good executive summary (as that is what they’re most likely read, if at all) PLUS solid, realistic financial projections/plans

Sandra asks…

People from IndiaPlease suggest me some ideas so that i can start my very small business to earn…Please read?

Hello friend I am from India Kanpur (U.P.)
I am from middle class family and now a days my financial condition is bad. I am 23 years old and have done Math in 207 .
After that i prepared for MBA entrance . I was selected but due to too much money problem and was not getting loan I left my plan to do MBA. And i started preparing for bank exams.
I have also made my blog for bank exam

My parents are forcing me to do job and i am getting job of only 3000 per month.
If i will do job than i will not be able to do preparation for bank and other government jobs. bcoz timing will be from 10Am to 7 Pm

Please suggest me some small business or work so that i can earn some money alongwith doing preparation.

I got only single tution of 500rupees per moth.

Please suggest me some ways.
I have deposited ten thousand rupee.
Can it be possible to start any work or to invest it in right place so that i can earn some money to carry on my studies.
Due to too much tension etc. I am also getting addicted of internet and my blog.

I dont have any friend near my home as its locality is bad.

I am loosing my hope to live

Mail me at

admin answers:

Even with no money one can start business.but you must know that each and every business has its own limitations and you must also remember that you will face a loss also just like profit. Agency business, L .I . C agent, real estate business are not need money at all.but you must know the entire details so that you must ready to give any type of answers arise by the party. In multi level marketing business you can get orders through contacts with help of pricelistbook . Just contact ,through knowledge of the product .sincere and hardwork is enough to do a business .Make sure your profit should be (at least 20%) invest in business again to yield more profit.

Robert asks…

Get to know all about educational loans?

Student’s future education plans are supported with the availability of the educational loans that secures one’s life. There are years when students strived hard with the learning activities without any external support with financial issues. Educational loans were much in demand that hardly few lucky students could avail them, but now the condition has turned upside down. Today students can apply for loans from various sources such as Wonga loans which are obtained easily without much strain. There are several funds being kept aside for student’s welfare education and development based on their family income background and backups.

Benefits of educational loan

Educational loans bridges the gap between the ‘students’ from lower background and ‘education’ that enlightens the knowledge of one’s future development. One can be benefited in many ways taking the educational loan, wonder how? The following are some benefits of taking education loans

Financial support is being offered for the most expensive professional courses (BE/BTech, MBBS, MBA, MS etc.) that require more initial payment to get started with. This also includes challenging online mba degree programs.
Loans are being offered at lesser interest rates by online payday loan lenders, on various courses other than professional training such as online courses on developing small business and trading and online real estate appraisal class.
Repayment of the loan is easier with flexible time duration after the course has got completed and even after getting placements.
Loans can support your education in and around India. Loans for education that are taken in abroad are also secure with medical supports and safety.
Loans are made available with more covers upto 20 lakhs from various banks.
Expense coverage includes tuition fee, book fee, hostel charges, travel expenses, and many more based on the type of loan one opts for.
Students can take the loans once they are a graduate with a security or under parents/ guardians security, thus reducing the burden of the parents and family.
Students who dream to become a professional with the higher studies are more benefited by the service offered on loans.

Types of student loans and resources

There are different types of educational loans available that supports students with the timely financial help to widen their knowledge in the educational field. These types of loans motivate more students in self development and to take up higher studies that are supported by various financial resources. Educational loan can be any one of the forms say funds, rewards, scholarships, financing, private way of borrowing money and bank loans with interest.

Some of the types of educational loans offered are as follows…

Undergraduate loans
Professional or graduate loans
Career development educational loans
College parents loans
Subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans

These educational loans are offered by Government, private finance, school or university institutions considering the welfare of the student’s education and development. Scholarships are offered for students as a symbol of reward in appreciation to their academic performance that motivated more students to shine well in knowledge acquisition.

admin answers:

Hmm. This seems to be a statement/information giver rather than a question. However, I appreciate your effort in helping us have a better understanding about educational loans, etc

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