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Mandy asks…

Would you guys take a business seriously if the website was a blog?

Would you take a business seriously if the website was a blog? If yes say why, if no say why not. I’m a startup photographer, i have extremely low funds and was wondering if you as a potential client, would do business with me if i would save you money but still just had a blog. If that is the case what is the best blogsite to use.

admin answers:

Blogs have come a long way, and are now an accepted format on the Web

The question you need to answer is whether a blog can properly showcase your business.

As a photographer, an important decision factor for potential clients is the quality of your work. With a website, you can have a gallery style page possibly organized by topic or format that users can easily peruse. Navigation is quick and easy and users can click from one photo to the next

Blogs may be cheap, but it is much more difficult to navigate. You can’t do a gallery style with 20 pictures on the page. Instead, you’ll have 1 photo per blog post, or 20 photos lined down. Blogs are good if you are narrating stories behind the photo, but not to present your portfolio

Ease of navigation is something you should seriously consider.

I would invest a little in a website (some are very cheap – Microsoft Live has a promo of free website for example). It’s more professional, better usability and allows for more functionality such as order forms and running of scripts for payment acceptance

But if you must do a blog, check out WordPress (though the better ones are paid versions). Blogger is free, but limited in functionality

Ken asks…

How much funding will I need to start an online business, i want to sell fashion items?

I have the ideas and can afford to pay for a website monthly and have ideas for marketing and how to target clients. I may be able to get funds from family to help start but how do I go about figuring out what I will need? Have any of you started your own online business that can give me any other important tips? Im trying to think realistic, can I do it.

admin answers:

Where will you get your products to sell? You will also need to consider how others are pricing similar items, where will your customers come from and who are they? Are the items you want to sell being sold by brand named stores, like Target, Macy’s, Norstrom’s? How will your store make money? What will make your store ‘the place’ to buy your products?

First step, write down everything and you’ll have a better picture of what’s missing.

Good luck in your new venture!

Lisa asks…

What are realistic ways to get funding for a business without using your own money?

Is it hard to get an angel investor? I would like to start a internet website but i’m young so I don’t have a lot of money.
I would like to partner with someone
I would like to partner with someone
I wonder how that college student got the money to start facebook. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t rich.
kukopia you think mark the creator of facebook had cash as a college student? lol yeah right no he didn’t
you don’t need cash
he got investors

admin answers:

Hard work, a great idea, and luck.

You have to have a damn good idea. You have to do 50% of the work before anyone will even consider investing in you.

Luckily the internet makes it possible for anyone to get noticed. Unfortunately you have to remember that there’s millions of people trying, and probably hundreds or thousands with the same idea as you.

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