Business Funding Website: Some Answers

Chris asks…

Starting a business website, need content advice?

I’m starting a new website, This will be a resource for businesses looking for funding and non-traditional bank loans. If you were a business owner looking for working capital, what content would you like to see on this site? What specific information could I add to this site to make it more relevant and user friendly? Any positive feedback is appreciated as the site will launch in mid-May.

admin answers: has some great free content that would work for your site….


Robert asks…

is there a web development firm that would build a website based from a business plan?

I want to start a music promotion website but need about $25,000 to start it. I was wondering if its possible to get a website built by using a business plan & letting the developer receive the money from the website in order to pay off the website. i believe my idea would become a big hit online but i dont have the funding to start the website. would this be possible?

admin answers:

The man above me, CAN’T YOU F***** READ? He’s looking for funding.

I don’t think you’ll find fund raiser companies, but simple Googling of “fundraiser companies” and then finding relevant ones and sending them email will help you A LOT!


Charles asks…

How do I set up my own business website?

I want to set up a website, for profit, that is adult oriented. I need to be able to broadcast, maintain anonymity, collect funds and stay legal.

admin answers:

You can most likily hire a internet webmast if you don’t know how to use a website. However first you need to purchase webspace through something like cpanel and then you need to purchas a domain name for your site. Like Yahoo Domain names for $2 the first year and $10 for the second.
A cpanelX package I think is about somewhere in the double digits.

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