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Thomas asks…

I’m starting my new business website on the net..?

I always saw a lot of business startups on the net that are getting funded by those angel investors.. I’m hoping to get funded myself if ever my website goes big and i can’t support the billings. Can some of you educate me in this business investment thing so i can get some idea and proceed to the next thing in business that i want to learn

admin answers:

Read about good business practices in a free online book about starting a new business… “Go It Alone” Find the free book at New Free Books.

Michael asks…

I have come up with an idea of a really good web business I need funding but have bad credit any ideas?

I have already bought my domain names for 2 years and have got my website sorted all i need now is the funding. I have applied for loans but have been turned down due to my problem with finances in the past. All i need is £20000 unsecured to get me established and then it will be runnung itsself.

admin answers:

In this case its hard to get loan specially if you have a bad credit, you need to get help from non official vendor, until you have an establish business at lease for 18 month then you qualify for cash advance for more info go to our web

Joseph asks…

Website to help me complete a business plan?

Hello Everyone!
We have been in business in Ontario, Canada for seven years. I am trying to create a business plan to get us some government funding to expand our business. I am wondering if anyone knows of a website that can help you step by step with the process. Canadian sites only please. Thank you in advance for your assistance :)

admin answers: There are plenty you can look at for free.

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