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Charles asks…

Sources of Funding Business Plans in India?

admin answers:

The Indian School of Business (ISB) at Hyderabad, India will have an Entrepreneurship Centre founded, led and managed by several leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, who are on the school’s Governing Board. You may wish to contact them as these investors are already invested in supporting Indian businesses. For example, Rajat Gupta is a former Managing Director of McKinsey & Company and also the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Indian School of Business.

You can also start at the following organizations (mostly VCs but you may find some angel investors there:

US India Venture Capital Association
Indian Venture Capital Association

You may also find some Indian angel investors in the following places:

Angel Capital Association
Angel’s Forum
Band of Angels
Common Angels
Keiretsu Forum
Launchpad Venture Group
New World Angels
New York Angels
Prairie Angels (charges $125 to submit idea)
Robin Hood Ventures (charges $250)

Jenny asks…

Do you have a recommendation for a funding source for a small business with below average credit?

I’m a restaurant owner that has been in business for almost 4 years. I need an influx of cash for some remodeling, etc. I know there are all kinds of programs for restaurants through credit card volume, but besides these, does anyone have any personal experience with an investment/funding company? My company is an LLC and my credit is fair-poor. I’m looking for around $60,000. Thanks for any recommendations!

admin answers:

Since ur credit rating is poort no institution will lend you

the best bet if to find an investor, someone who is in the food business who in exchange for funding the restaraunt you will give him a small percentage of the business or he will agree that you repay him back and then dilute him back

Donald asks…

Where can I found the sources of funding to my Business?Please help me to solve these problem.?

admin answers:

Banks, stocks, investors, basically other people’s money or time or anything like that. Rich Dad’s Advisors: How to Attract Other People’s Money for Your Investments–The Ultimate Leverage is a good read for this topic.

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