Business Funding Sources: Some Answers

Betty asks…

What are the elements of a business plan? What sources of funding are available to entrepreneurs? Where can a?

admin answers:

Go to, or for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

David asks…

Best sources of funding for a masters degree in business? would you like to ask?

I didn’t realise a masters degree would be so expensive!!!! I’m entering my final year of my bachelors degree now and am looking at my options for when I finish.

Does anyone have any information on places/companies etc that offer grant’s to students wishing to do their masters?

admin answers:

I forget the name of it, but I was going to use it. It’s similar to a work/study program but there is a different name. You could ask your academic adviser the name. Fellowships are possibilities too. I know just how you feel. I am not as determined as you so I have given myself about 2 more years before starting. If you are ready then it will happen.

Thomas asks…

Small Business Grants – Are Grants The Perfect Small Business Funding Source In Today’s Economy?

admin answers:

You hear the word ‘stimulus’ being used a lot these days, so one of the most cost-effective ways to meet funding requirements is through small business grants.

Since grant money doesn’t have to be returned, you can use it for supplies, advertising, paying employee salaries… In short, getting your business off the ground and on its feet.

Just make sure you have a strong business plan in place to get approved for a grant.

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