Business Funding Sources

Linda asks…

I am thinking of starting my own business. Any sources I can tap into to assist in financial aspects?

Grants? Women starting businesses funds? Other govt. resources? Thanks.

admin answers:

As noted above the SBA

Your Bank

Chamber of Commerce

Vocational Schools/Community Colleges usually offer non-credit business classes

Many communities now have “Business Incubators” which focus on grants, loans, planning etcetera for new or proposed business/employers contact your local city or county offices for info.

Most states offer numerous sources of information as well as technical support for new business, check with the Department of Labor or Workforce Development for assistance.

Most businesses fall into a group of some type so check on-line for organizations or associations for the type of business you are considering starting, they generally offer support, legal assistance, contact information, regulatory information, field specific certifications, partnerships, fellowships, grants and lending information.

Carol asks…

What are some good funding sources for a new clothing company?

Our business plan is finished and so is our working model. We just need some dependable sources to present or plan. SBA is not an option due to the amount needed and the type of business. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. -Kenny

admin answers:

You can try tapping into investment clubs. This will preserve the ownership and management of the company. VCs will practically take over the company.

Betty asks…

What are some good sources to fund my small business in this economy?

admin answers:

Finance it from your savings or from savings of friends and family — if they don’t trust you, why should a stranger?

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