Business Funding Options: Some Answers

Helen asks…

what are the appropriate alternatives for funding a business’ proposed expansion (despite type of expansion)?

studying any business, how do i outline the appropriate options for funding/financially supporting the planned expansion of a business

the expansion im trying to portray, refers to expanding a business either globally, nationally, intranationally or internationally – doesnt matter what type it is, because im after the various choices that could be employed by a business for expansion, like do they include:
- owners equity??
- raising or borrowing money??

please help, to help reduce my confusion

thanks in advance

admin answers:

There are many methods for financing an expansion.

1) Equity, (IPO) Initial Public Offering
2) Equity, Public Offering
3) Equity, Private Offering
4) Merger, You may merge with a company that is cash-rich.
5) Loan, from a bank or financial institution
6) Corporate bonds
7) Debentures
8) Venture capital
9) Profit
10) Divestment (sell off non-core assets)
11) Strategic alliance
12) Capital gain, investment

These come to mind immediately. I will try to add more as I think of them.

Laura asks…

Has anyone used Fundraiser 1.0? Other options to fund small business?

I want to open a small boutique in TN, that fills a niche that is currently void in our town. I will have moderate/better fashion acc., gift items, and contemporary home decor. I have 20 years exp. in ladies’ retail – management & purchasing. I need help with start-up funding. I can’t obtain a loan through regular channels due to credit issues I was left saddled with after a divorce. Can find no grant that funds start-up for a small retail business. I saw Fundraiser 1.0 on a website, but am not sure how it works. I do not yet have a website for my company, is that needed for Fundraiser 1.0? Has anyone had success with it, and if so, can you tell me how it works? OR, do you have contacts for angel investors or grants? I need $15K, will be located in an established gallery, only overhead being minimal rent, inventory, taxes, & marketing. Gallery furnishes all else, even paid salespeople. I will be free to concentrate on growing the business by starting in this location.

admin answers:

U need to visit for more details

Mandy asks…

How can I receive additional funding for my retail business?

I need to order more product ASAP, but do not have the immediate funds to do so. What are my options?”

admin answers:

Heres an article on finding funding for your small business

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