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Donna asks…

Are there any Business Men/Women who have had Cancer and are still alive?

We are doing a fund raising event to do with learning for life a program that most schools across the country use, we have to do a Business enterprise and we make money to donate to a charity- we are donating to a cancer trust but we were wondering if there were any Business Men/Women we could contact who have had a form of cancer?

Our school has said that we are aloud to ask companies for donations if we are able to get them, we would love to raise over £500, so I was just wandering if there was any so we could get some tips and maybe ask for donations to help people who weren’t so lucky.

Thank You

admin answers:

Jaclyn Smith – An actress who launched her own clothing line battled breast cancer in 2003.
Steve Jobs – Well-known co-founder of Apple computers battled pancreatic cancer in 2004.

Sandra asks…

I would like find some free federal govt funds for minority women for starting a business. Please help me.?

How to apply for federal government free funds in the USA for the minoriity women?????

admin answers:

Go to to see what grants are available, if any, and how you can apply for them

David asks…

Does anyone know about a program for women to get funding for small businesses called “Guardian Angel” ?????

I seen a story on the TODAY SHOW about a month ago. It reported about women who were getting funding for their businesses. I am not certain of the name of the organization, but it was named something like guardian angel…..can anyone help???

admin answers:

I think you are talking about angel investors and its not exclusively for women. An angel investor invests his or her own money in your business idea in exchange for a percentage ownership. There are angel investor networks all over the country – ie. Groups of angel investors who meet to discuss funding worthy oppertunities. You may want to google your city name + angel investors network to see if something comes up for your area. Or call your local SCORE office (you can look up your local SCORE affilitate at FYI – SCORE is the Service Corp of Retired Executives its a nonprofit group affiliated with the SBA that offers free consulting to businesses or potential business owners. They are a wonderful resource! By the way, angel investment programs are not “grants” you have to pay the investors back through partial ownership or other repayment methods.

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