Business Funding For Women: Some Answers

Paul asks…

Funding for Women Entrepreneurs?

Are there organizations out there that fund women entrepreneurs to start small businesses?
It’s strange that one would assume that I don’t have a master degree or high credit rating. I have both. In this case, where are good funding resources (grants)?

admin answers:

Try with WWB (world women banking)

Linda asks…

How can I approach a successful business woman I have not met and do not know to let her know I am interested?

in her client? I am not so much a fan, as they are crazed. I can’t show up on a set screaming his name, that doesn’t fit me or my profile. Besides, I’d like this guy whether he were an actor, starting a hedge fund or a garbage man…. So, woman to woman, how do I approach her in a nice, polite, neutral way that is effective? Please advise. If you answer well, and I am successful, I will pay for all your expenses to attend my eventual wedding when / if it works out. I am lovely, and think this man will adore me, and even if that sounds like I’m moving to fast, I still want the chance to find out myself. If he turned out to be a jerk, I’d let you know. I do not think this is the case, he is not like Colin Farel, the ego maniac or Jude Law, this is a humble, yet strong man. I think and believe he will love me first a s friend, second as a woman… if your answer helps me, I will reward you. Thanks so much and if I can be of help to you please tell me how and I will do my best to assist

admin answers:

People who are celebrities are not always what is presented to the public. What I am trying to say is that you may well have fallen for a two dimensional advertisement-not a real guy. You are already assuming what his attitude toward you will be. In real relationships, it takes months to really understand the chemistry of a good relationship. Another thing to remember is that you are definately not the only one to be “after” this guy. The business woman probably gets tons of requests for introductions.
I am guessing that this is “safe” for you because somewhere in your mind you know that it is not going to happen or that this guy seems like the supreme gentleman. What you need is to date real guys so instead of a business woman, maybe you have some friends who might know someone who would be a good date.
Good luck and don’t worry, I don’t expect that you will reward me. ;-)

Mary asks…

I recently started a small business. Are there any grants available for small business for start-up costs?

I am interested in learning about legitimate grants for small businesses (or women owned businesses) to help with start-up costs for equipment (computers, fax machine, printer, etc.) and advertising. I have a business plan, Tax ID Number and all of the basics completed, however, I need help with additional funding without having to take out a loan until I gain clients. Any information is appreciated.

admin answers:

There are no grants to start a business. You can apply for government loans though, has information for small business loans.

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